Olga Nazarkina: from Concrete Images to Abstraction

In her art, Olga Nazarkina shares the ideas of neo -feminism and partakes in developing “feminine” standards in art. The specifics of a woman’s perception - natural sensitivity, delicacy, attention to detail -allow her to see the ‘usual’ albeit from a different perspective. Her artworks are characterized by a lyrical ambiance which, in contrast to the masculine aggression in art, allows the viewers to prolong their initial emotional excitement without achieving satiation. This emotional state is eventually transformed into a second stage, the stage of rational apprehension of the problems addressed in her art.

In her art, Olga Nazarkina explores the delicate balance that exists in the human perception of that which is considered ugly and beautiful. Namely, she creates beautiful images out of elements that often provoke disgust in our everyday life, while at the same time revealing the ugly reality hidden under the very surface of beauty. This transition, from one type of perception to the other, occurs entirely within the mind of the viewer.  A piece of artwork can therefore contain both ugliness and beauty, but on different levels of detail and perception. The longer viewers meditate upon Olga Nazarkina’s art, the more levels remain to be discovered.